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christmas ornament

A Christmas story, a business lesson

Just before Christmas when I was thirteen years old, my dad brought home a big cardboard box that he painted to look like a garden. Our house was small, so the big box in the living room was a bit of an inconvenience. My three brothers and I grumbled amongst ourselves as we put the Christmas tree on top of…

creative christmas themed ads

A Part of something Bigger!

I know it’s Christmas when I start seeing the Christmas lights, decorated trees and holiday themed ads on the telly : Dstv’s Nigerian Christmas ad, Maggi’s 12 days of Christmas. For me, the holidays have begun. In effect, it’s become part of the Christmas brand, amplifying its own brand. If you can find a way to link your product/service to…

holiday email

Its an email miracle

Physicist Arnold Pompos isn’t afraid of tackling the tricky questions of science, the ones that keep us awake at night. That’s why he worked out just how fast Santa will have to go to visit every home over Christmas night; a sleigh-sizzling 4,705,882 km/h (approximately 220 times faster than the flight airspeed record, or roughly equal to the speed I’ll…


A Christmas lesson for Entrepreneurs

Once upon a time, there was a business brand who didn’t  know what it wanted to be. One moment, it was all sleek and serious. The next, it decided it wanted to be crazy and fun. It would change its color scheme all the time until it eventually forgot what color it was in the first place. Whatever it tried,…

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