Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola; A waste-to-wealth startup story

Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola; A waste-to-wealth startup story

Entrepreneurship can be all about making money and or about making impact. WeCyclers is an example of a business that is built around create a sustainable environment for people. Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola is an award-winning social entrepreneur who built a sustainable and viable business model to help the poor communities of Lagos reclaim their neighborhoods from the scourge of pollution and…

Doyinmola Olajoye

Meet Doyinmola Olajoye, and her business of revamping ‘old clothes’

Doyinmola Olajoye,is a Nigerian Gen Z entrepreneur, humanitarian(the founder of Orange Humanity project),Fashion Model, Beauty Queen and Creative Director at Dhoney Adire and Crafts Nigeria. The 24-year old entrepreneur is an embodiment of resilience and hardwork, and it is no wonder that she Winner of SME1000Africa 25 under 25 awards 2021,fashion category. Doyinmola was born on September 5 1998 in…

Victory Ifeanyichukwu Uzoma

Victory Ifeanyichukwu Uzoma: The Social Entrepreneur Bringing The Clinic To Your Doorstep

Individuals are motivated or inspired to start various ventures for different reasons. While some people want to take charge of their lives, pursue their interests and build wealth, others want to develop solutions to address pressing social issues. These are the social entrepreneurs. They explore or spot business opportunities that can positively impact their immediate environment and the world at…

Aderinsola Omirin

Profile: Aderinsola Omirin of Sola Soles: Young Millionaire entrepreneur at 21

These recent years have seen young Nigerians displayed unimaginable ingenuity in business. Among these successful Gen-Z entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Aderinsola Omirin stands out with a difference. She has continued to prove that age is not a deterrent to success. Her strides in the footwear industry have earned her recognition from reputable institutions in the country. She received two 25 under…

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