How To Build Your Brand As A Hair Salon Owner

How To Build Your Brand As A Hair Salon Owner

In this day and age, small businesses can conveniently make a name for themselves. So why be a regular hairstylist when you can take things a notch higher by packaging and presenting yourself as a brand? With the advent of technology, you now have all the necessary tools at your disposal. Building a brand both online and offline is a…

7 Tips on Living Healthy as an Entrepreneur

7 Tips on Living Healthy as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur demands that you always be “switched on.” That’s because, in the life of an entrepreneur, there is always something to be done: from taking deliveries, to meeting up with potential new customers and many more. While this lifestyle can be exhilarating at times, it can also affect your health, regardless of how much you enjoy what you…

How To Handle Indecisive Customers

How To Handle Indecisive Customers

As an entrepreneur, decision making is a key step in your customers’ journey as they consider buying your goods or services. You have probably come across customers that are ‘stuck’ when deciding what to buy or what service they need you to render to them. Dealing with indecisive customers can be tasking and frustrating. Here are some tips to help…

Service-based business

How to Nail your Pricing for your Service-based Business

If you are in the business of offering services and not tangible products, you would understand that pricing service is trickier. To settle for the best price, you must weigh the time put in, expertise and customer perceptions. There are various reasons that could influence your service prices – perhaps you have received an official accreditation, or your overhead costs…

Bad publicity in business

Top 7 Strategies To Help You Deal With Negative Publicity

You must have heard this a million times ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicy’.  Frankly speaking, this is not always the case and your business might not be that lucky to survive the situation.  It is better to prevent bad publicity than having to deal with consequences. There are various factors that could bring about negative publicity. A company…

Business success metrics

10 Metrics To Effectively Measure And Track Business Success

The aim of businesses is to create a successful product, or service, to sell and satisfy their customers. This is achieved by tracking the right business success metrics that are of importance to a specific enterprise. By identifying and measuring the appropriate numbers, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to work smart and reach the next level of success. When you design…

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